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2004 MSA Yearbooks
Competitors' Yearbook 2004 (The "Blue Book")
Officials' Yearbook 2004 (The "Red Book")

Reproduced with the kind permission of the MSA

Important Notice
This electronic (pdf) version of the 2004 MSA Yearbook is provided for reference purposes only. For the resolution of queries and disputes the definitive rules are as published in the 2004 MSA Yearbook.
Competitior's Yearbook 2004 (The "Blue Book")
Section-by-section (for slow network connections)
Administration (A)
Common Regulations for Organisers (B)
Officials and their Duties (C)
Competition Circuits and Venues (D)
Common Regulations for Competitors (E)
Specific Regulations for Autotests (F)
Specific Regulations for Autocross and Rallycross (G)
Specific Regulations for Off-Road Events (H)
Specific Regulations for Car Racing (J)
Specific Regulations for Rallying (K)
Specific Regulations for Sprints, Hill Climbs and Drag Racing (L)
Specific Regulations for Trials (M)
Specific Regulations for Karting (N)
Judicial (O)
Nomenclature and Definitions (P)
Safety Criteria (Q)
Permitted Tyres (R)
Competing Abroad (V)
Insurance and Motor Competitions (W)
Schedule of Fees (Z)
Regulations for National Records (LL)
British Championships
Regional Associations
Motor Sports Venues
2004 Officials' Yearbook (The "Red Book")
Emergency and Medical Services (S)
Judicial Notes (U)
Car Racing Championships (X)
Clerks of the Course (AA)
Forestry Liaison Officers (BB)
Route Liaison Officers (CC)
Approved Radio Co-ordinators (DD)
Technical Officials (EE)
Timekeeping Criteria (FF)
Marshals' Training (GG)
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