East Midlands Association of Motor Clubs

Dates submission form for 2024

Please complete the club and submitter information in the top section of the form and then complete details for every event your club intends to run. Then complete the reCaptcha ("I'm not a robot") and click the large "Submit dates" button. You can (and for convenience should) submit multiple events using a single submission.

Club and submitter information
Please provide the name of the club

List of proposed events

Please list details of ALL Motorsports events that the above club intends to promote. (Motorsport UK 2023 Yearbook D 3.1.1) "Events at a lesser status than Interclub must be listed on a Regional Association fixture list").

If any of these events (stage rallies, road rallies, targa road rallies, autosolos, and PCAs only) are seeking EMAMC Championship status, or require observing for future consideration as championship rounds, please tick the appropriate tick boxes under championships and give contact details. Note that applying for Championship status does not guarantee that Championship status will be granted!

Use the "Add another event" buttons to add a blank new event; for similar events, you can instead copy an existing event to a new event using the "Clone" button.

You can select multiple event types (for example Autotest/AutoSOLO) or multiple event statuses (for example Interclub/Clubmans) by clicking the first type/status and then control-clicking further types/statuses.

Don't forget to submit this form using the "Submit Dates" button at the bottom of the page when you have finished!