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Formed in 1958, the East Midlands Association of Motor Clubs is one of thirteen Regional Associations created by the national governing body for four-wheel motor sport (now known as Motorsport UK) for the purpose of co-ordinating motor sport affairs in their respective areas and to act as a link between Motorsport UK and Motor Clubs.

This Association is represented on Motorsport UK Regional Committee by a Delegate.

The Regional Committee is responsible for discussing all matters which are likely to affect clubs in all branches of motor sport and advising Motorsport UK of any changes of Regulations etc. which they feel may be of benefit to clubs. The Regional Committee also liaises with other specialist committees and has direct representation on both the rallies and the safety committees.

The Association runs various championships each year and has at its disposal a host of knowledge on anything connected to Motorsport activities.

In summary the Association is there to help member clubs with any problems they may have.

Please feel free to use the Association if you have any problems or require information or assistance.

EMAMC Annual Dinner and presentation of Awards
The EMAMC Annual Dinner and Presentation of the 2019 Awards will be at our usual excellent venue The Hostess Restaurant on 25 January 2020. More ...

Download a draft (not yet finalised) of the complete EMAMC 2020 Yearbook as a printable .pdf file
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free at www.adobe.com)

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